Planning Coach

Uncover Your Clarity.

services offered

1.  We offer seminars and classes on creating your action plan to reach your goals 

2. We offer a space that allows you to write unite goals 

3. We offer you accountability based on your goals 

4. We offer you centered seminars and classes that are 1 day or over a span of 4-6 weeks 

5. We offer you Inexpensive, awesome coaches that want to help you reach your goals by first identifying your goals 

How it works?

1. Location:

All classes will be held online with a live instructor and you will receive a link to enter the live seminar/class. So you must have internet + Laptop/ Phone or tablet to connect 

2. Scheduling

There are 2 routes of scheduling that you can participate:

1. Signup for existing classes here 

2. Submit your schedule and wait for others to be available during year schedule (may take upto 2 months) or signup for 1 on 2 sessions for a different fee. signup for free 15 minutes zoom to learn if this is for you.

Who should signup?

Anyone 18+ years old and older at any stage of life, any race/ethnicity, belief/creed, gender, identity, sexual orientation, ability/disability and located anywhere in the world(as long as you are able to attend classes at designated time).